We are a niched and boutique law firm that focus on personalizing every solutions to meet our client's needs. we drive to move beyond limits and set to achieve satisfactorily result.‚Äč

Mission and Objective

Our Firm aim to provide best commitment to our client by offering wide range of legal services. The main objective of our Firm is to ensure high quality services to the utmost satisfaction of our clients and at the same time by rendering our expert legal advice and well-strategized move to help our clients overcome their obstacles in all areas.


Valerie Chong
Managing Partner

Valerie Chong graduated from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom in 2006 and completed the Qualifying Board CLP Examination in Malaysia.

She was offered a pupillage by Lee Swee Seng, who is now a High Court Judge. Upon completion of her pupillage, she started her legal practice with general litigation. Her courageous and bold nature has led her into handling trials independently and matured profoundly as a strategist in law. Her ability to strategize in law and facts, and coupled with her high level of energy has enabled her to succeed in various legal enforcements that successfully set as a precedent in law.

Her exposures to litigation did not stop her from diversify her area of practice and knowledge by handling real estate and corporate matters which would serve as a resourceful tool in her legal practice. Her experience in the litigation area had in fact provided her the hindsight to avoid potential disputes that may arise in the real estate and corporate matter.

Besides the general legal practices, she is determined to address the issues faced by most employers and individuals on immigration law and procedures. She acquired her experience in handling sophisticated procedures in the immigration related processes as well as the law by serving as the Legal Executive in the Immigration Department of Messrs Shearn Delamore & Co. Coupled with her litigation experience; she is ready to take on any court matter relating to immigration law. She is also keen to educate this area of law to the public at large.

She was given the privilege by the Senior Counsel Colin Pereira to be a partner. Her talents and visions in the field of law eventually led her to Valerie Chong & Co in 2013. With the evolution of technology and the push for globalisation, she is keen to expand and evolve its practice groups. To-date, she is also a licensed trade mark agent.

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